Investor's residency permit
The "Entrepreneurship and Internationalization Support Law" of September 27, 2013, provides the opportunity for foreigners investing in the Spanish economy to obtain residency.
Who can apply for this residency permit?
Those investors who invest substantial funds in the Spanish economy.:

Investing in financial instruments:
- Government bonds (2 million euros)
- Shares and equity in companies with Spanish capital (1 million euros)
- Investment funds, closed-end investment funds, venture capital funds established in Spain (1 million euros)
- Deposits in Spanish financial institutions (1 million euros)

Real estate investments (€500,000)

Investment in Spanish business initiatives: There is no minimum investment requirement for this; rather, the value of such investments will be evaluated holistically as a project with public significance: job creation, social and economic importance of investing in a specific geographical area, significant contribution to scientific and technological innovation development.

Regarding the timeframe required for application submission, this residency category is considered for obtaining Spanish citizenship.
Initially, the permission is given for three years, with the possibility of extension for an additional five years.
Is it difficult to obtain this type of residency?
No, if you know which document package to assemble and what requirements you need to meet. It's always better to consult with an immigration law specialist to properly request an investor residence permit and thus avoid possible refusals and delays in the process.
It is essential to comprehend all the requirements that any foreigner must meet to obtain this residence permit. Otherwise, obtaining this permit will be impossible:
- You cannot be a citizen of the European Union.
- You must be legally present in Spain.
- You must make an investment.
- You must have sufficient financial resources.
- You must have private health insurance with full coverage in Spain.
- You must not have any criminal convictions.
If the person is legally present in Spain or holds an investor visa, they should apply for an investor residence permit at the Department of Large Companies and Strategic Collectives of the Ministry of Employment.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How long does the decision-making process take?
    The processing time for residency permit applications for investors takes 20 days.
  • Which family members can accompany the investor?
    Legal or civil partnership spouses, minor or economically dependent adult children, as well as direct ascendants who are dependent on the main applicant.

  • Is it obligatory to acquire one property for 500,000 euros?
    No, several properties can be purchased for this amount.
  • Is it possible to obtain an investor visa or residency permit if investments are made through a legal entity?
    Yes, but with the condition of obtaining a favorable business assessment from the Directorate General for Trade and Investments DGCOMINVER, certifying that the company is not offshore, and that the interested party holds a majority share in the company (Article 63.3 of the Law).
  • What is the key advantage of this residency permit?
    There is no need for actual residence in Spain, which is defined as staying for more than 183 days. Visiting Spain is allowed only once during the validity period of the residency permit.
Anytime you need legal assistance, you can contact me. This will assist in avoiding mistakes in document collection and the application process.